Jose Allende



Different music styles and levels: 
Personalized teaching. Guitar Lessons at your place or mine. 
- Composition and Improvisation. - Theory & Harmony - Chord Melody (building triads, 7thChords, Extensions)
- Triads (as chords, inversions, cluster, open and spread positions) - Triad pairs for solos - Quartal family 
- Substitutions, Modal Exchange, Tritone - Building phrases from arpeggios, triads, chromatism, 4 notes cells.
- Major, Minor, Diminished , Hexatonal & Augmented Scales - Study of Modes
- Bebop Scales, Vocabulary and Approaches (neighbor tones) - Learning Standards and Reharmonization.
- Picking techniques (alternate, economic, hybrid, sweep) - Fretboard visualization and knowledge

 * Jazz (Swing, Bebop , Fusion, Modern) Standards. Latin American styles and 
repertoire from Afro-Peruvian (Lando, Festejo, Vals)  Bossa Nova, Samba, Choro, 
Son, Bolero, Cha-Cha-Cha, Tango, Milonga among others.  
 * Classical Guitar: Etudes and Pieces by Sor, Carcassi, 
Giuliani, Barrios, Lauro, Piazzolla, 
Cardoso, Sagreras, Bach and more. Also pieces for sight reading, fingerstyle. planting, 
plucking methods. *  Rock, Funk, Pop, Folk, 
Blues among other styles. 
 * Simple, Compound and Odd meters, and Polyrhythms
I have been compiling different Books for Reading Books, Etudes, Pieces and Technique methods, so I will 
supply the most convenient material for you.





Lessons Reviews

"Jose is the simply the best. He knows every single thing about the guitar and taking lessons from him is half
learning/half being amazed at how much there is to know. I can't recommend him highly enough.
He is the most passionate person there is when it comes to music and sharing
his knowledge with his students." Melissa G.(Medford)

"Jose has been a tremendous inspiration to my son! He is a phenomenal teacher and
his teaching styles build a strong foundation which make playing the guitar simple and easier!
We had numerous guitar teachers before Jose but none of them were as adept as Jose.
His teaching skills conform to the student and my son
enjoyed learning from him! " Lissy S. (Shrewsbury)

"Jose is an exceptionally talented musician and teacher. My son looks forward to every
lesson where he can hang out with such a cool guy and play great music .....
all the while effortlessly developing his guitar skills and broadening
his musical vocabulary. " Amy V.(Newton)

"Jose is a brilliant player and a wonderful teacher. Once you hear him play, it is easy
to be fully inspired to become the best musician you can be. He is far superior to any other
guitar teachers that I have encountered.
His explanation of music theory is superb and he makes complex concepts seems easy.
He is very attentive to all the details of your play -- so you get the precision that is needed to become
a very very good player. And again, I cannot but accolade his own playing, he is simply the best.
Thank you, Jose for everything that you have taught me,
and my friends." Luba E. (Waltham)

"Jose is an amazing teacher and musician. He took on my 10 year old son who has
difficulty focusing for long periods of time, and makes the hour whizz past. He can explain rhythm
and melody concepts that he can understand, and motivates
him to keep practicing. My son has
made great progress and has remained engaged, because of Jose, and looks
forward to his lesson every week." Gauri B. (Medford)

"Jose has been teaching my son (now 10 years old) classical guitar for 3 years now.
Our son loves music but is a bit distractible (ADHD and all) and we didn't really think he
would stick with this for this long...
Jose is very sweet and patient with our son, and helps
to motivate him to practice. It is obvious that Jose does this work because he loves it. It is also
a real treat just to listen to Jose warming up with guitar exercises.
Our son has made some amazing progress and now it is hard to imagine him not playing
the guitar, and I give Jose credit for that!" Rachel V. (Sudbury)

"Jose provided lessons for me for 8 months. He is incredibly talented as a guitarist and instructor.
And, on the operations side, he is professional, always on time, never cancelled appointments
etc I chose to do in-home lessons so Jose came to my apartment in downtown Boston.
I am an intermediate player and wanted to improve finger-picking, classical guitar,
as well as scales. I can't recommend Jose enough.
The lessons were a ton of fun and incredibly valuable". Ryan N. (Boston)

"Jose is an awesome teacher and a great guy most importantly. He is a great player
and really knows his instrument. I especially like his teaching style of incorporating a lot of
different things yet simplifying it well that you can start to get a bigger picture than just
playing the notes on paper. I highly recommend Jose
to anybody wanting to learn the guitar." John L.(Cambridge)

"Jose is an extremely talented, patient instructor. I had zero experience playing the
guitar when I started lessons, and he quickly helped me understand the basics in a way that
seemed effortless, and without ever getting frustrated. The best part of his teaching
methodology is that he encourages his students to find their
own expression and build
confidence in themselves. Our lessons were always fun, too. I highly recommend him for students
of all levels, but especially beginners." Paige W. (Boston)